King’s Grant: Closing & Under Contract

After much effort and strategery, we’re about to sell our latest King’s Grant listing. Actually, tomorrow is a pretty big day for us, and the neighborhood. Sometime before lunch, 23 Huspah Ln. will finally close, and 19 W. Tombee will officially be Under Contract. WOoHoO!!!

When these two homes officially pop, we’ll start fresh in the neighborhood as all our inventory will have sold.

To be clear, the prices/ft aren’t breaking any records. That said, the “price points” are respectable given the present real estate arena, and today’s financial world. In short, sold is “sold,” and “not sold” is, well….you get the idea. Let me put it this way: Our sellers are happy.

Having to start typing late tonight, I’ll keep this short and expand on these two properties later. In the meantime, know that we’re hitting this market with guns blazing…at all price levels.

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