Halloween Is Absolute Chaos @ KG

For the sixth year in a row, we found ourselves participating in the annual Halloween festivities in King’s Grant. Once again, the neighborhood held up to its Oct. 31 reputation.

If you’ve never been, the night begins with a massive pizza party (complete with costume contest) at the KG clubhouse. Around 6PM, the families scatter in SUV’s, golf carts, hay rides, and yes…on foot. It’s quite a site to behold.

Now that our sweet girl is three years old, she can actually climb the five to 10 steps to the front doors of KG all by herself. Given she’s always the smallest kid in most any group she’s with, I smiled from ear to ear as she tried to keep up with the pack. It was hilarious to watch her little legs go from yard to yard on Somerton Place (or whatever street), 10 to 30 yards behind the other kids. Still, she made her way up every front stoop to get her little share of goodies.

There’s so much going on, in fact, the kids I’m around don’t even pay attention to the candy in their bags or buckets. It’s a constant hustle, hustle, hustle to see, “What else is going on?! What else can I get into?!”

It’s pretty awesome to hold kids on the back of a golf cart while they think they’re in a super hero, princess wonderville. It’s fast paced, a little cold, a little scary, and a ton of fun.

For whatever reason I never have great luck taking pics at Halloween. I guess it has something to do with the light, and since it’s been cold during the last few years, the kids are too bundled up for their costumes to show. Perhaps I just wait too long! In case you’re wondering, the pic above is Snow White and Darth Vader “being scary” ready for another golf cart ride.

Once again I have to applaud King’s Grant neighborhood for putting on a grand Halloween experience. I may not know any better, but in my experience I’d put KG up against any other neighborhood in Columbia, or South Carolina (although I do hear Hampton’s Ridge has a huge Halloween, also in 29209!).

In short, “Well Done” and “Thank You” to the residents of King’s Grant for having us. We’ll be back!

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