Keller Williams Hits New Orleans Big.

KWNewOrleansKWNewOrleansFunWhat a week! As you may have seen on Facebook and Instagram, many of the Keller Williams Realtors from our office headed to New Orleans for a very large time. By large time, I mean two things. 1) Yes, we had a lot of fun! 2) We were there with over 15,000 Realtors from around the globe. Let me let that sink in for a sec: 15,000 Realtors that work under the same brand, in one place.

This was my first time to New Orleans. While we didn’t do much geographically beyond Bourbon Street and the convention center, everything was within walking distance. Walking the streets, there was a lot going on. A little bit of everything, really.

As far as the convention itself, I was once again impressed. If you remember, last year Amanda and I drove her van to Orlando. The event popped the eyes out of our heads as we jumped in head first and learned full scale about the company we had joined only a week earlier. While we knew about KW, their national convention (Family Reunion) was an important event for us to attend. Fast forward to last weekend, and it was an encore performance. This year we had time to book flights and Elizabeth and Amy joined us. You may recognize Dale Roberts in the picture above. They joined KW some months ago and made the trip, too (Alex is taking the pic). We all had a big time!

Most of the breakout sessions are amazing. Some rooms hold 100 Realtors, some hold 1,000, and some sessions attract 2,000+ attendees. It’s so fun to be with like-minded, career-building folks from around the United States that are as ravenous as we are to learn more and be better people and make better lives for our families. Note: in years past I would have typed “and make better Realtors of us.” While that’s true too, this is a bigger picture company and “Family Reunion” embraces this. It’s about taking your world to the next stage, and then the next. It just so happens that Amanda and I were further along than most when we joined the company which makes it an automatic fit.

This all said, you may have noticed a long pause between blog posts. Well, as I was telling my wife and sweet girls goodbye last Friday, I noticed my power cord was nowhere to be found. I left it at the office! I traveled all the way to New Orleans with a laptop and no power. UGH! Some of my friends have mentioned, “dude, how long did y’all stay up?” It wasn’t that. After all, it’s 3:26AM as I’m typing this… I just didn’t have a way to boot up. :/

We had such a good time. Shout out to our spouses and clients that endured while we were away. As most of my friends and clients know I rarely leave the Devine Street/Forest Drive corridors, and wouldn’t do it or want the team to leave Columbia if I didn’t think it was worth it.

In all I think we learned a lot, made great contacts, and know the experience will make us better spouses/parents/Realtors.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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