“Keller, Who?” Yes, That Keller…

Sometime Monday afternoon you may have received a text or email from someone, or viewed a post on social media that Keller Williams Realty is now the #1 real estate company in volume, units sold, and agent count in the United States.

This is a big deal.

Every industry has a #1, for sure, which is impressive for the leader. Truth told it’s impressive for #2s and 3s, too. Would you hate to own Hunts, Ragu, Tag-Heuer, or Under Armour? (I’m trying to soften the blow for the new #2 and #3 here).

That said, to me, the reason for such a celebratory event is not only the ranking but the journey that KW endured to achieve the accomplishment of being #1. KW has been ripped time and time again by the broker-owner model that is so injected into real estate sales culture that they simply can’t do anything about it, and don’t know how to deal with what has not only arrived but taken over.

Truth told, it was only a matter of time, and I saw it.

When we switched national brands I had no less than four local broker/owners call and ask something similar or verbatim to, “Franklin, what have you done? I need to talk to you. We can fix this.”

This resonated with me to this day, obviously, as I just typed about it. The questions, “What are you doing?” and “What have you done?” oddly gave me confidence that I knew exactly what I was doing and made the right decision.

Fast forward to present day and our team works with the Top-Producing real estate company in America in all of the major categories. Plug in that KW is the #1 Training Company among all industries on earth and the happiest company to work for, is a telling (mic-dropping) situation.

I’m proud of our company and the opportunities in front of us. If you are interested in selling residential real estate and/or would like to know more about a career in real estate, please don’t hesitate to call 803-220-4447 or email Franklin@TheNeighborhoodRE.com

Thank you & Always Be Opening!!!

Franklin Jones

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