Clearing Some Social Media Air…

AmandaBillboardToday my awesome wife posted a “Memory” that popped up on her Facebook page Wed night. You know how it works. Facebook will pop a fun picture on your page and gives you an opportunity to share that memory with your friends. Well, today Jennifer shared a memory that may have some folks wondering. (Photo Not Above).

Here’s the rub; If you didn’t pay close attention, and by that I mean you didn’t (and shouldn’t) care enough to notice haha, Jennifer posted a blog pic from 2011. At quick glance, it looks like she’s congratulating us for winning a trophy Wednesday night. What she’s really doing is re-posting a five year old “Memory” that popped up on her Facebook page.

Why am I even mentioning this? Well, other than most folks didn’t read the date in the corner, some folks may have been confused because of the branding. To make a long story short (and even more confusing), if you clicked the link, it takes you to my “sign off” post from Blogger to WordPress, which includes some branding confusion.

Around lunchtime Jen texted me, “Do you want me to remove that memory I shared on Facebook about your real estate?” I called her and said, “I think it’s OK. The date is right there, and all you did is re-post a memory about your husband. I mean, it happened.”

I’m posting this because I just wanted to clear the air. I’m sensitive about things like this and want anyone that may be scratching their heads to know what’s what. 2011 Awards Banquet pic posted on blog and Facebook, 2012 changed from Blogger to WordPress, 2015 Keller Williams, 2016 Jen shares a Memory. This may be a good example of how technology outpaces some facets of our industry.

Either way it was cool and sweet of Jennifer to post the memory, as I know she’s proud. Conveniently for this blog post, I think this is the year Amy and I popped Amanda’s digital billboard on Garner’s Ferry Rd., thanking her for our first banner year together.

The rest is F|A network awesomeness. 🙂





  1. Phil Accio says

    I remember back in college when you used to “clear the room” with yo’ stanky behind.

  2. True dat!

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