Just An All Around Awesome Sunday!

Today was just awesome. Woke up to a cute little girl playing with whatever the Easter bunny brought her. Showed houses to different groups (and witnessed a familial, team effort mini inspection) from about 2:30-6ish, then watched the very end of The Masters while grilling up two monster Rib-eyes in primo perfect weather.

While all the above made for a lot of fun, what made today different was the 10:30-11:30 hour at the First Baptist Church in downtown Columbia. I want to just say, “Wow….That’s all I got,” but that would make for a pretty cruddy blog post.

This Sunday, Jennifer and I sat in the first balcony, which is provides a pretty impressive panoramic perspective of what’s going on. I like to sit close, too, but the back of the balcony gives a view, respectively.

Here’s what I’m getting at. At 38 years old, I may have witnessed the best hour of church service that I can remember. First of all, the FBC choir is second to none. REPEAT….this group is the BEST!! If you want to be “moved” on Sunday mornings, then come listen to this music program. They can absolutely blow your hair back.

The FBC choir is so dominating, Dr. Estep really has to be on his game. Today he surely was. I don’t know if it was because I gulped a “5 Hour Energy Drink” before hand, or what, but Dr. Estep was totally engaging, and delivered a top shelf Easter message.

Pretty much every church has folks that like to leave the service before it’s actually over, usually to avoid waiting in line at a local restaurant for lunch. You know the drill. Today was no different, at FBC. OOOOooo, those early lunchers don’t know what they missed! The sanctuary boomed out such a tune from the downtown corner of Marion and whatever, it prolly made half the congregation well up. Not kidding. Tears everywhere.

As a disclaimer, I don’t usually take my phone to church for fear I’ll die of a mortificationism from a rogue ring. I’m not sure why I had it today, but I’m glad I did. The pic is a little fuzzy, and doesn’t give the scene justice. That said, I was trying to hurry, as Jennifer was giving me the stink eye for trying to sneak a pic. Truth told, I wish I’d climbed to the 2nd balcony with my fish eye lens attachment. The building was almost to capacity, and this would have made for an awesome shot of the true impressive venue. Oh well…

What a perfect Easter Sunday. The older I get, and the older Finley gets, the more I enjoy and absorb this type of day.

On a side note, congratulations to Bubba Watson! I only got to watch about four holes total, but wow that was clutch from the pine straw!!!

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