Just A Proud Dad…Being Proud

In the age of Facebook, Flickr and Shutterfly it’s difficult to keep photos secret if you intend to wrap them in bows and give them as Christmas presents. Well, now that our moms, grandparents and other family members have their new prizes, Jennifer has ‘released’ the latest pictures of our sweet girl.
As a proud new dad, you can imagine how I feel about the pics above. I pretty much love them beyond scope, and can’t get enough of ’em. Thanks to Stacey Quattlebaum for capturing such awesome images of my little girl. She has done a fantastic job and because of our fondness and relationship, Jennifer and I consider Stacey as a part of our family. In short, she’s top shelf and produces a top shelf product. I’ll save my full endorsement for another blog post.
Truth be told I wanted to post the popular ‘Hotsheet’ tonight, but considering we only have one more day in the year, I thought I’d hold off for the 31st to pass. That said, as much as I love posting about real estate, I just had to show off a few pics of my girl.

Thanks for letting a proud dad, be proud. 🙂

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