JLC’s Holiday Market Is Here! C’mon!!!

jlcholidaymarket2016facupsred1No matter how early big box retailers put out their blinking green and red displays and “Gray Thursday/Black Friday/Cyber Monday” notwithstanding, many Midland’s residents consider the Junior League of Columbia’s Holiday Market as the unofficial start to the Christmas season. This year is no different.

To start the event off right, hundreds and hundreds of friends will be at the super popular Holiday Market’s ‘Preview Party.’ The Preview Party is a big kick-off fancy/formal party that always produces a good time.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the Holiday Market, and the League. I know first hand how many hours are logged, and how hard the women work for the League’s various causes. Their reach is tireless and almost endless. To me, they’re a well-run machine that would be the envy of any organization I can think of.

For about a decade now we (Amanda Payne, Elizabeth Ross, and Amy Cartin) have had the pleasure of supplying the wine and cocktail cups to all in attendance at the ‘Preview Party’ and ‘Ladies Night Out.’ We’re happy to do it! Actually, I love it. These two events always serve as some of my favorite advertising efforts, and I have tons of fun memories from years past.

Just as a fun side note, this is the first time the League has ever requested a particular color. We’ve done blue, black, gray, silver, and white. Now we’re red all over the place! Fine with me, as it fits perfectly with our KW brand.

Year after year, the Holiday Market provides a BIG time for everyone. It really has something for everyone. Tux party, LNO, PJs w/ Santa, shopping, and on and on. That said, I hope everyone will be at The Cantey Building at The S.C. Fairgrounds at some event between Wednesday and Sunday!

I encourage everyone to take home as many of the frosted cups you can hold. They’re awesome beach toters, sandbox scoopers, fish hook holders, and perfect for rinsing your kid’s hair in the bathtub.

“See You At The Market!”

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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