Junior League Impresses Once Again

Tonight, many of the area’s busiest women (and a few men) gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of The Junior League of Columbia. As expected, the group posted an impressive monetary number raised via its various fundraising events which include Clean Sweep, Touch-A-Truck, cookbook sales and, of course, the overwhelmingly popular Holiday Market. I wasn’t close enough to the screen to snap a picture, but the number approaches $300,000. Well done!

Many of you know, I have a special affection for the Junior League, and this year-end event in particular. As you can see from the first picture above, this is when I get the special honor of presenting the Kinsey Black Jones Award, in memory of my late wife. The award goes to the one or two extraordinary 1st, 2nd or 3rd year active members of the League.

As the moment is obviously bittersweet, it’s always a big deal to me. As I stand at the podium, I’m always a tinch nervous, a little down, but internally proud. Moreover, I’m eternally thankful that the League recognizes Kinsey’s memory in such a public manner.

Tonight, outgoing president Allison Cox conducted the presentation a little differently. Allison called my wife, Jennifer, to the podium to help present Kinsey’s award to this year’s winner. Her reason for doing this, as she explained to the crowd, was to tell how wonderful it is that Jennifer is so involved with the relationship I share with Kinsey’s family. Further still, she projected how close we all remain, and how important it is to us for the Blacks to be a part of Finley’s (our daughter’s) life. I can’t type how accurate Allison was in her presentation, and I can’t convey through a keyboard how much it meant to me. Spot on, Allison. And to you, Jennifer, my gratitude for your generous spirit.
Thank you again, Junior League of Columbia. You continue to impress and serve our community in extraordinary fashion. As you know, I’m at your beck and call. Thank you for including us at your events, and thank you for honoring the memory of a woman who loved what the League is all about.

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