Jonathan Bankhead Tennis Weekend.

I love every weekend with my family and the best thing, by far, that happened on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the Midlands was the Inaugural Jonathan Bankhead Memorial Tennis Tournament at Rockbridge Club in Forest Acres, South Carolina.

While I was all signed up to play with Stephen Denemark, I tore my calf muscle the day before the tourney started (quick shout out to John Carrington for taking my spot). That all said, while I wasn’t part of the tennis action, Jennifer and I wanted to be there on Saturday to support our friend, Vanessa Bankhead.

Vanessa was there when my late wife, Kinsey, passed away and I won’t forget it. She’s also a beloved teacher at my daughter’s school, Brennen Elementary, of which I’m super proud.

I would like to report that 250ish tennis players registered for Bankhead’s Tournament. It was such an overflow that some of the matches had to be played at Spring Valley CC a few miles away. The doubles match that I was supposed to be a part of didn’t finish until 11:00 PM Saturday night. That all said, and even more badass, the ceremonial check in the image above reads, “$35,000.”

WELL DONE to the folks that put this awesome event together and to Forest Acres and Rockbridge Club for the first class and awesome atmosphere and experience.

Thank you & see you next year!

Franklin Jones

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