JLC Program Renewed. Thank You!!!

rider2If you subscribe to the popular news feed/email blast you likely saw the press release regarding our public commitment to the Junior League of Columbia. I can’t convey through this keyboard how honored and flattered I am to be part of such an awesome and effective project.

It’s late, but I want to project a couple of quick thoughts to readers of this blog;

1)  None of this would be possible without the best and loyal friends, clients, and referrals in South Carolina.   ZERO

2) Thank You!!! to the Junior League of Columbia. When the world was in a recession, we put our heads together and devised a system that produced a rare win/win/win scenario.  That said, this team is super confident The Junior League is the perfect organization to spread funds throughout the Midlands, accordingly.  

As for me, as many of you know, it’s a personal thing and I’m indebted to my teammates for their commitment. 

I think I speak for Amanda, Elizabeth, and Amy as I type a huge…..THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH.!

Shout out to my fantastic wife and League member, Jennifer Sparks Jones.  Given the back story, her support is important (to me, at least). Jennifer endorses the project with love, and incredible grace. 


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