January 14, 2007

Hotsheet – 1/14/07

Click on “Hotsheet – 1/14/07” to get to the listings. When you click on the home, the listing sheet should pop up.

Remember, these are not my listings. They are today’s new listings (some are re-list’s) from downtown, to Blythewood to beyond Hopkins, which are listed by price, from highest to lowest. Today, 32 hit the market…

As of today, 1502 Wyndham may be the coolest house in Columbia’s market.

Call or email us if you would like know more about, or see any of these properties…


  1. It seems as though I’m a little slow about typing “2008” this year. Sorry about that!

    If you click the date, it still takes you to Monday’s new listings…

  2. Wyndham is awesome.

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