It’s Our Turn… Republicans First

The Michigan primaries are over. Now, earth rotates it’s attention to The Palmetto State. The Republicans are up first, as the primary is set for this Saturday.

Now that the GOP has three different winners in four contests, the field is wide open. Some say this is fun for America to watch, while others say that this is awful for the GOP. Nevertheless, like real estate, all politics is clearly local.

Early on, Rudy was clearly winning in South Carolina. Now, we have two/three candidates fighting to prove who is more Christian (Huckabee/Thompson/Romney), one cotastrophe specialist (Rudy), one military vote sponge and Iraq occupier (McCain) and one who is most about business and economic progress (Romney). Yeesh… What a mess! Either way, I hope our state can make the most of the spotlight, as the political world is here.

Whichever candidate you’re for, and if Republican, just make sure to VOTE on Saturday…


  1. voted…and my man won. Good think oldies voted.

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