Helocs & Crackers For Not Much At All.


I’m kinda stunned. 

Last week I was so far behind in my Fantasy Football League that I didn’t even look at my ‘matchup’ again until Wednesday.  Turns out one of my players went off on Monday night…and boom.   #Winner

Fast forward to today, and it looks like I kinda “Smoked The Donkey.”  In short, luck hit hard today, this time in the name of “J. Charles” and “G. Jennings.” These two dudes went off for 86 points, collectively.  Well done, fellas!

All the sudden the super low interest(ing) HELOCS are playing in the Super Bowl of our CBSSportsLine Fantasy League.  Win or lose, I’ll take it.

As most of you know, whatever I win will go straight to The Junior League of Columbia.

Good stuff!


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