It’s Andre Bauer Time in Palmetto State

Hard Work & Timing Could Be Big for SC…and Andre’
Since no one tackled Governor Sanford before he exhaled political and marital death into various microphones, it looks like we’ll have a new governor of our beloved Palmetto State. Personally, I have a positive outlook for a Bauer administration.

By no means will Andre be governor “by default.” He worked incredibly hard for the job of Lt. Governor. Early in his political life, Andre walked door to door in ’96 to win his first political campaign to win a seat in the SC House of Representatives. He later earned a seat into the ‘deliberative body,’ as a state senator. Now he’s our Lt. Governor and poised to take the top post via Mark Sanford’s personal and professional meltdown.

I have a few friends that have announced their candidacy for governor in the next election cycle. Soon we’ll be choosing between them who’ll be the best candidate for our state in 2010. Notwithstanding 2010, I’ll bet that Andre will do a fine job as South Carolina’s next governor.

To my friend; Sparingly does hard work and timing present an opportunity to do big stuff. Do big stuff.

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