Internet Down? BOOM! Let’s GO!!!

When businesses (or individuals, for that matter) see the image above, it usually means doom for an unknown amount of time. This symbol on a laptop screen means the Internets have been shut down for seconds at best, or perhaps even a complete minute’s long reboot is in order. I get it. It’s annoying and the disconnection damages the workday and flow.

That said, this symbol that hit the laptops in our office is the most beautiful digital image our eyes have seen in a long time. Seeing this dinosaur meant the wireless Internet people had arrived at our office and shut it down. 

Why is this a good thing, you may ask? It meant the Downtown Columbia office of Keller Williams, Columbia, SC is finally moving to a new space (and they were taking the stuff to the new place)!

Stay tuned for details about our official move, and the latest update on the new franchise coming to the Midlands of the Palmetto State. 

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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