Innovation and Hustle Are Good Things

Earlier this week, @Wesley Donehue, was named one of “2011’s Top 50 Most Influential People,” by Columbia’s Business Monthly Magazine. I don’t know this for sure, but my gut tells me he was surprised by this, and truly flattered. Admittedly, I forgot to blog about this local accolade. In the meantime, his firm was featured on the CBS Evening News, commenting on South Carolina’s (First In The South) Republican primary

Over the last year or so, Wesley’s brand has caught fire. He does political work for a spectrum of Republican candidates and provides, in my bias, a top-shelf product for his client list. This is obviously awesome, and his friends are anxious to watch him grow.

Fast forward to the reason for this post, and what award-giving folks are having a hard time projecting, is that he’s putting a personal stamp on his profession (innovation, if you will). In short, Wesley is sort of “Blue Ocean’ing” the arena of political consulting. For example, at the time, Tweeting @JimDeMint, @SCGOP, and #sctweets was ahead of the game. Further, he was ahead of the curve w/Vlogging (and getting candidates to Vlog),, and Fundraiser7, among other things. Further still, “PubPolitics” has caught on locally, which I’ve enjoyed sponsoring a few times (50 bucks for the beer).

Like the real estate industry, the political consulting arena is an imperfect one as the scale slides with every micro-instance. That said, Wesley is doing a big job of what DonehueDirect’s tagline proclaims, “We Innovate Politics.” His label is spot on with what he’s trying to do, and is propelling his brand accordingly.

If you can’t tell, this stuff is right up my alley…

Well done, @WesleyDonehue.

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