Image 2 Is Up @ Gervais St. Billboard!!

Last week, I posted about our digital billboard that’s rotating at the corner of Gervais and Harden.  While the homes on Hillside, Tanglewood, and Delano are completely AWESOME, I surely needed to include other neighborhoods where we have a major presence.

If you pay much attention to the real estate signage in downtown Columbia, SC, or are a regular reader of this blog, you’re well aware of our presence in Shandon and King’s Grant,… hence the image above.

As I typed earlier, I have the board for a very short time, as I was able to take advantage of a contractual time gap between Lamar’s clientele.

If you or anyone you know would like to view any of the homes in Columbia, or if you know anyone thinking of buying or selling, please call or email or .   We’d love to talk with you!

PS:  The Sims Alley/Shandon town home in the pic above has been on the market between 40 & 50 days, and as of Friday, is negotiating multiple (3) offers.  

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