I’ve Been @ Home, In Anderson, SC.

EdsfuneralIf you’re wondering, “Franklin hasn’t posted in a week. What’s up?” Here’s the rub. My step-dad/dad of over 30 years, Ed Singleton, had a heart attack late last week. Our big, stunned, blended family gathered Sunday night. The funeral was Monday morning at First Baptist Church, Anderson.

It’s now 4:13AM and too much to type in a post that’s simply meant to be a quick update.

Just as a reference, the pic above is of my mom’s youngest brother, Dexter Glenn and me just catching up. He and his family live in Tampa, Florida, and we may get to visit maybe once every two years (or so).

The table in the scene has been there since Michael, Mandy, and I were kids. We used to play with all of Mimi’s pots and pans under that table, and even play “School Bus,” as the cover acted as the top of the bus. The white door between us is where all the grandchildren’s heights were measured.

Fran and Ed Singleton were married in the parlor/music room of the home of our Mimi and Boyce on Whitehall Road.

One broad thought I may need to expand on in a later post: Ed Singleton was a quiet, peaceful man. That said, he was a giant figure that saved our family of a single mother with nothing, and three kids.


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