I See Why Gamecocks Love “The Ray…”

Before I even begin a fleeting thought about the pic above, I have a confession to disclose.  Before Saturday afternoon, I had never attended a game at USC’s new world class baseball stadium.  In fact, before Saturday, I hadn’t been to a USC baseball game since I was in school.  SHAME!!

My excuse is terrible, but here goes.   In the 90’s, my fraternity had the job of selling tickets at the gate.  We had to be at “The Sarge” two hours before the games began, and obligated to stay in our spots as the innings rolled on.  It was not fun….AT ALL.   After all, what college kid wants to sit in a chair for hours on end, three days in a row.  We couldn’t see the game from our posts, and no one wanted to do it.  Filling the spots became a challenge and caused lots of internal infighting.

Fast forward to this weekend, and boy do I feel stupid.   I mean seriously, we live about 10 blocks from this awesomeness.

As I was woofing a Groucho’s STP Dipper, my good bud, Michael Gunn, texted me asking if I’d like to go to the game vs LSU.  Jennifer and Finley were in Clinton, the weather was perfect, and the stakes were high.  With that, I figured if I didn’t jump on this perfect storm, then I’d never go!  I’m so glad I did.

As we arrived, I noticed the parking wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  The crowd was VERY engaged, and baseball savvy.  I was stunned at the amount of fans around us keeping box scores (Not my thing, but kinda think it’s cool that fans do it).

The stadium is ridiculously fan friendly.  There’s plenty of room to get social, and lot of “knee room” between the rows.  It’s clean, top shelf, and an awesome place to pull and yell for the Gamecocks.

Even though we lost in extra innings, I was proud to be there.  I can see why so many friends go to the game and post pics on Facebook.  More importantly, I can see why big talent would want to play baseball at USC.  In short, the whole experience is big time.  Not just, “A big time”…but, “Big Time.”

Thanks to Gunn and his dad for having me @ “The Ray.”  I’m ready to go back, and anxious to haul Jenn and Finley, too.

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