I Need a Name…


A big event happened today. I (along with a partner) bought a great piece of property at the crossroads of Wales Garden and Wheeler Hill. These 4 “quads” are on Wheat St. and are going to be converted into very well priced condos. I will give everyone the details later so stay tuned. The best part about the project is that our price points are going to be low and that the location is unbeatable.

What I need for everyone to be thinking about now is what to name the project. There are tons of names that we can pull from because of the location. It is technically in Wales Garden (per survey) and across the street from Wheeler Hill. To make matters better, it is on Wheat Street and surrounded by USC. Further still, the first address of the property is 1801, the same year that USC was founded. We can take advantage of any of these terms and create a great name for the project.

Put your thinking caps on and help me name the project. The name of the corporation is University Partners, Inc.

Thank You!!!


  1. Forge Ahead says

    How bout:

    The Square @ 1801

  2. The Cocks of 1801

  3. forge ahead,

    Hmmmmm, not bad. We may be leaning towards playing off of the 1801 thing. It will depend on which building we redo first. I’m thinking about using a graphic of a wheat bundle with “1801” under it (sort of like the logo at “The Heritage Club” at Pawleys Island, or some variation of it. Thanks for the idea!

  4. anonymous,

    The Cocks of 1801 actually made me laugh a little. Now that I know who you are (thanks for coming to my agents open house today on Phelps), it REALLY makes me laugh. I’m sure any fraternity guys would LOVE it if we named it “The Cocks of 1801″…

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