I May Be A One Trick Pony. #1GoodTrick


This blog post needs to begin with a disclaimer; I don’t know squat, and yield all tips, tricks, and good ideas of the parental trade to my wife. That said, when it comes to getting a newborn to go to sleep there’s one thing that I can share.

I’m not sure of the correct term for the product, but the “sling” in the pics above is like a soft magic bucket. Four years ago I used this papoose(ish) device to get Finley to sleep, and I’ve now introduced it to the twins. For instance, Nora was having a hard time tonight so I loaded her in the “sling,” and Finley and I walked her to Hand Middle School which is three blocks from the house. Nora was asleep by the second block.

After we put a sleeping Nora in her crib, I loaded Ivey in the contraption. As you can see in the top pic above, she had “the big eye.” Translation; She was wide awake. After five minutes of walking around with her swinging from my neck, she was in a deep sleep. I’m not sure what it is, but maybe the marsupials are on to something.

Disclaimer 2: I’ve heard these devices have been recalled. Hmmm. I hope this blog post doesn’t land me in the clink. If no one turns me in, and I remain a free dad, I may be hitting up ebay for a second sling so I can hang both girls around my neck at one time.

Disclaimer 3: I’m pretty sure we took Nora to Hand, and it’s Ivey in the pics. If not, and someone calls me out, I’m gonna be a embarrassed! #WOOPS

When it comes to little babies I may be a one trick pony. That’s OK, because dang if it’s not a super valuable trick. In short…to all dads out there, this thing works for me.

Night night!


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