I Had A Wonderful Birthday(s)!

One of the good things about a birthday falling the day before Independence Day is that everyone has the day off after it. With the 4th falling on a Wednesday this year it almost makes it feel like I’ve had a birthday week (or two or three days, anyway).

The pics above are a few birthday ‘cakes’ I’ve enjoyed. The first one is the one Jen and my girls baked. It was awesome and we’re still enjoying it. The scene above is of the girls singing to me a few minutes after I woke up. They just couldn’t wait for friends to come over later and that was OK by me. (Yes I sleep in a collared shirt…)

The second pic above is when I took the girls to Eggs Up Grill. On the morning of the 4th, one of my buddies took a photo of his family woofing down some hash browns at Waffle House and sent it to a group text with the owner of Eggs Up, Drew Hampton, as one of the recipients. I knew Jen had some errands to run and that we had a date at the community pool early that afternoon. That said, not to let my buddy be outdone, I asked Jen to trade cars with me (I don’t have car seats in my car at moment) and I wheeled Jen’s minivan over to support my Eggs Up in the hash-brown wars. I took our picture of a ‘better breakfast,’ and in the crossfire I was presented with the beautiful blueberry birthday muffin. (Side note: Please excuse Ivey’s hair bomb. We were both fine with it haha).

The third photo is from when five of my team members treated me to a late lunch at 1801 Grille. I wanted to go to Mr. Friendly’s New Southern Cafe but remembered that the owner sent out an alert on Facebook that they’d be closed for a few days for summer vacation, so I requested 1801. We all had a big time and yes everyone not pregnant had a drink as we all dispersed soon after because the 4th was the next day.

As you can see I had a great birthday on all levels and can’t wait for what the next year holds for life with my family and the best friends in the world!

Thank you!!!

Franklin Jones

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