I-385 Travelers=8 Months of Detours

This is Going To Be a Major Pain in the Asphalt
Since my wife’s parents live in Clinton and I’m from Anderson, I was surprised that I didn’t know about the massive I-385 Rehab Project until I read of it on Fits. I don’t go to Anderson as much as I should, but this news is obviously gonna be a big deal in terms of familial interaction.
Weekend trips to Anderson aside, the real impact will be to interstate and intrastate commerce. Every company that runs a truck from Greenville to Columbia will have to adjust in large fashion. As South Carolina could use all of the commerce that it can attract, the timing of the project probably isn’t primo.

From FitsNews.com…Interstate 385 is a 42-mile stretch of road that runs from Clinton S.C. (where it intersects I-26) and downtown Greenville, S.C. It apparently needs to be resurfaced and have six bridges replaced, which we learned from a spiffy “I-385 Rehab Project” website created by the S.C. Department of Transportation.

The project will cost $45 million.

From The Greenville News..I-385 northbound will remain closed for the entire eight-month project, and traffic will be detoured up I-26 to Spartanburg, Perry said. Southbound lanes will remain open until work is finished on the northbound side. Then crossover lanes will be installed in the medians and southbound traffic will shift onto the newly finished northbound side, he said.
Locally we’ve had to endure some repaving in the last few months on some of Columbia’s major arteries. While the paving of Devine St. and Rosewood Dr. have certainly been an inconvenience, the finished project was worth the impermanent bumpy ride. The I-385 Project will produce the same result although it’s going to be a terrible inconvenience to endure. The project will improve about 15 miles of the 42 mile Hwy.

As we all aspire for a more perfect South Carolina, we’ll simply have to deal with the detours that the I-385 Project provides. As untimely as the project seems I’m sure the months of pain will produce a happy result for years to come.


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