Hot Corner @ Shandon Is For Sale!!

Cool Blossom St. @29205,… Is “Perfectly Shandon
A few days ago we listed this ‘Perfectly Shandon‘ home on Blossom St. If you’ll click the link, you may appreciate the semi quotes in the first sentence. After all, I could easily brand 2711 Blossom as a bungalow, cottage, or Craftsman style home. It’s so attractive though, I think we’d be good with all three, or a even a good hybrid description. Either way, given that “Shandon Proper” is a prideful architectural kaleidoscope, I think “Perfectly Shandon” fits quite nicely.

As you click the pics, you’ll notice the charm of each room. For instance, take a gander at the dining room in the pic above. Complete with coal/masonry fireplace, storage bench, high ceilings, hardwoods, French doors, nautical style lighting, and loads of space, this one room is a nice snapshot of the rest of the home.

As cool as this 3/2 home is, the real star of 2711 Blossom St. is the LOCATION. Only a block or few from pretty much anything on Devine, being on the corner of Blossom St. and Woodrow St. is perfect for anyone that wants to live in the center of the 29205 universe.

Seriously, this corner is in the middle of everything. As you can see, the front porch says it all, as the owners watch and wave to all the walkers and bikers that Shandon is famous for. If you like action, 2711 Blossom is hard to beat.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in living in the middle of everything Shandon, call or email or . This house is easy to show, and ready to go.

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