Election Cycle Is Ho’-Hum.

My-VoteThis close to a November “First Tuesday” of an election year I’m usually all in with excitement. Some of my buds often make fun of me calling Election Day my “Super Bowl.” This year, however, no one seems to be very fired up. As we watch the returns tomorrow night the most curious race may be between Henry McMaster and Bakari Sellers.

Just as a dink observation, I think Kirkman Finlay’s signs are the best of the cycle. Sure, “signs don’t vote,” but someone in his camp hit the Coca-Cola/Americana barn thing nicely. If it’s possible for a sign to make a difference, Finlay’s color, style, and font is pretty good.

Vote early and often Tuesday!!


  1. This is your blog and your call but if I were you I’d stay away from politics. Pissing off potential clients can be bad for business.

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