Hikers Out There Must Think, “Wuhhh..?”

ArrowArrow1So here’s some rather useless but pretty cool info. Does anyone know about the 70′ concrete arrows that dot the American landscape?  Well here you go..

Turns out the arrows in the pics above are part of The Transcontinental Air Mail Route. Here’s a post about it, and here’s and excerpt: “Radio and radar are, of course, infinitely less cool than a concrete Yellow  Brick Road from sea to shining sea, but I think we all know how this story ends.  New advances in communication and navigation technology made the big arrows  obsolete, and the Commerce Department decommissioned the beacons in the 1940s.  The steel towers were torn down and went to the war effort. But the hundreds of  arrows remain. Their yellow paint is gone, their concrete cracks a little more  with every winter frost, and no one crosses their path much, except for coyotes  and tumbleweeds. But they’re still out there.”

I’m no history buff, but find this sort of thing supremely interesting. That said, I’m a little surprised I didn’t know about the arrows. (Translation: I’m kinda PO’d at myself for just finding out about them.) Either way, I thought you might think they’re pretty cool, too.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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