Hickory Tavern To Shoppes @ Woodhill?

HickoryTavernI don’t know this for certain, but word on the street is the popular restaurant/bar, Hickory Tavern will soon be at The Shoppes Woodhill Mall. You know the spot. Think Starbucks, Panera…Target.

Hickory Tavern would be a fun outlet to have a drink and catch a game on this side of town. That said, and I type this without having gone through a football season, but Midwood Smokehouse could be a super easy hang-out spot for Heathwood, Lake Katherine, Hamptons, & King’s Grant sports fans. The addition of Hickory Tavern moving to Woodhill Mall would kind of a big (and fun) deal.

I’m no news outlet and don’t pretend to be, and didn’t ‘stay at a Holiday Inn last night.’ I’m just telling you I’ve heard the same information from more than one person in the last week or so, and want my folks to know what’s the what when I can.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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