Hello World…

In my excitement to enter the blogosphere in Realtor style, I forgot to post an “Introduction.” Well, here goes…Blogger style.

Welcome to the Franklin Jones RealTeam real estate blog. This space is available for you to post comments, thoughts, properties for sale and properties that you may be looking for….and/or anything else real estate. As far as I know, its the first all inclusive real estate blog in South Carolina.

I am from the fast growing city of Anderson, SC (T.L. Hanna). After graduating from the University of SC, I decided to reside in Columbia. The friends I’ve made in the Midlands are the greatest a person could ask for. When I decided to become a Realtor, my friends supported me more than I ever could have imagined. With this said, we have created one of the premier real estate networks I have ever heard of. As you read and post, I hope that you will benefit from our network. Perhaps you may learn a few things or even teach us as you post your thoughts. Further, I hope that everyone can profit from what is shared.

My vision is that you will use this as a point of information, to express opinions, and to just plain talk. We can discuss lenders, inspectors, termites, investments, mold, sales prices, whats for sale or what you want to sell. I hope that you will use it as your microphone to talk about real estate with folks from SC and around the world.

As they say in politics, “Vote early and often.” Here I say, “Post early and often,” and we’ll see if we can find some dirt or bricks for you to buy or sell.

Franklin Jones


  1. Love the blog Franklin!

  2. Thank you! I think this will be a fun gig. I hope to be able to keep everyone informed and answer questions in a timely fashion. If I dont know the answer, Ill find someone who does!

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