Heathwood Vacant Lot For Sale

When people ask about vacant lots for sale in downtown Columbia, Realtors usually have to resort to some of the newer neighborhoods like King’s Grant, The Preserve or Woodhill Crest. It’s very rare to be able to mention the words “vacant lot” in an older, traditional neighborhood like Heathwood, Shandon or Wales Garden.
I know there are some on Kilbourne and Devereaux available where the old “farm house” was torn down. Other than that, we can count the available vacant lots for sale on one hand.
For point of reference, it wasn’t long ago a lot on Capitol Place in Shandon sold for over $290,000 and a few month ago my vacant lot listing sold closed for $275,000.
Kipling Dr. is one of those streets that is always in high demand. Homes on streets that surround the popular Heathwood Park are always at a premium. The homes that surround the park are a tad smaller and therefore more affordable than the mansions of Heathwood. It will be some time before anyone else will have a brand new house in Heathwood.
This particular lot is about 65′ wide and 255′ deep at its deepest point. It’s VERY long which would provide any homeowner with a large front and backyard.
Call or email if you have any questions about this vacant lot in Heathwood. The lot is offered for $175,000.


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