Having A Big Time With Video Project

Trailer Released!! Our Brand of S.C. Real Estate
For a good while now, I’ve tinkered with the thought of incorporating video into some of our inventory. Sure, we have “Virtual Tours,” which certainly have an impact in the overall marketing effort.

Truth be typed, I haven’t taken video to the next level because I haven’t been impressed with many of the finished products out there.

I quickly learned that making good video takes a good videographer (duh). Expanding on this, all videographers are not the same! In searching for local talent, I embarrassingly admit to having watched scores of wedding videos in the middle of the night looking for the right person to approach about our little project. I mean, where else would you know to look for videographers, other than trolling wedding videos on Google??? Hence, my wedding scout time.

After what seemed to be a million minutes of searching, I finally found who seems to be a perfect fit for what I was trying to accomplish. When this husband/wife team learned about the upbeat-tempo, time-lapse vision of what I was looking for, they put their flavor on it and produced a game changing product.

Anyway, I’m not sure our movie trailer of “Tanglewood” is quite finished, and I’m pretty sure the seller hasn’t seen any of it yet. In my bias, however, it’s good enough in its current state to leapfrog everything 10-fold in our marketplace today.

I don’t want to overdo it, but I think you’ll like our product well enough to tell your friends about how we do things, and about our brand of real estate. I’m proud of this new product/project we’ve added to our practice. If you think its pretty good, shoot us an email at fjones@cbunited.com or amandaqpayne@live.com to see if your house (or a friends) is a good fit for something like this.

This trailer is short & sweet, and I hope you’ll like it enough to watch it twice. Welcome to my listing in Heathwood, SC.


  1. Very impressive (and I'm not easily impressed!)!!!!!

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