Have A Happy & Prideful 4th of July!!!

Have A Good Independence Day, Or Miss The Point
In the morning, we’ll all wake up to competing and polarizing television stations, watching nasty venom and lava ooze from our 42″ flatty’s.   Let’s face it, it’s just what we do.  

While passion is important, and healthy infighting has its place, be sure and take a good look around you on July 4th.   To be sure, I’m well aware that a good political battle is an important part of the American experience.  That said, I’m also aware we’re Americans first, and for a day this should be cause for coast to coast celebration.

Whether you’re on a South Carolina beach watching fighter jets fly overhead, or sitting on your kids kickboard in a crystal blue pool with a Bud Light Lime sitting four feet away, recognize and inhale the day as a pretty good one.  I know I will.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!!!


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