Real Estate Hardware Season Cranks Up.

MedalsLast Friday night REALTORS from all over the Midlands gathered together for the Central Carolina Association of REALTORS “Circle of Excellence” Event. As you might imagine, REALTORS from competing companies seldom get together as a group.

I’m not sure of this but I believe there are four levels of recognition; Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. I don’t know the qualifications for each level, but each REALTOR in the room should be commended for their hard work. My guess is the Association will recognize all recipients via an advertisement in The State Newspaper-Sunday Edition in the coming weeks.

I don’t want to overdo this as I think we have some big, once in a career type accolades coming to us in a few days from Coldwell Banker Real Estate Brand. That said, the real news to this post and the pic above is Elizabeth W. Ross. We’re honored of her decision to join our team in mid 2013. Further, we’re super proud she shared in the volume and qualified for “Platinum” in her first year with Amanda, Amy, and me. Way to go, Elizabeth Ross!

None of this would be possible without the involvement and support of the best friends, clients, and referrals in the industry. To anyone reading this post, THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you’ve done and for being the best real estate network in South Carolina.

The reason we don’t have a picture together at the black tie event is because immediately after Elizabeth walked the catwalk to receive her award, Jennifer, Amanda, Paul and I blew over to The Colonial Center for the Darius concert. For the friends who saw and made huge fun of me for wearing a hybrid tux to Darius, now you know why. It’s fine. We’re good. It was worth it. 🙂

Thank you!


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