Happy Birthday Weekend For My Girl

This weekend, my real estate world stood still as all the attention turned to my sweet girl. It’s pretty unfathomable to think, but Finley S. Jones turned two years old today. As Landon Denemark taught me to say, ….WoWeE!!

Having a few parents/in-laws feeling less than 100%, we found ourselves making a whirlwind tour of Upstate, South Carolina. The photo above is at our “Mimi’s” home in Anderson, SC. As you can plainly see, this was a fancy affair. Linen napkins, heirloom silver, and a large centerpiece were sweet touches. Antique bowls were filled to the brim with dippin’ sauces, while chicken nuggets were plated next to crustless olive finger sandwiches. Everything was well thought out, and, well… pretty yummy.

For the first two years, Finley has been not too far from perfect. As many of my friends have heard (prolly more than once)… she’s slept through the night since birth; she prefers broccoli and brussell sprouts to cookies or ice cream; she says “Peeeze,” “Tan’kooo,” and “Wa’kom,”; doesn’t pop her knuckles; and doesn’t cuss.

As you can imagine, I can’t say enough about our first years with Finley. I can’t wait to take her to her little schoolhouse in the morning, as we begin another year together. #LoveMyGirl 🙂

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