Happy Birthday To Jennifer S. Jones!!!


Today my gorgeous wife turns 29 again! If you know us outside of this blog (I have no idea who reads this blog) or if we’re friends on Facebook, you’re well aware of how lucky of a man I am! Of course, that’s just the surface…

One of my many shortcomings is that I don’t take enough pictures of the fam. While we have what seems like zillions of pics, Jennifer isn’t in 99% of them because she’s the one taking them. That said, the image above is a goodie and a fun snapshot of one of the signature events of our year.

We’ve had some good times this year, including a super fun family trip to Debordieu, but the reason I claim this is the event of the year, is because we’re likely never going to experience something like that again. Tons of friends traveled to NYC for the wedding of our friends Michael and Amanda Mott. We all got settled in, then the Northeast section of the United States was shut down because of the blizzard. We were in the 43rd floor in a heavily windowed corner room which made it feel like we were in a snow globe. It was so bad, it was illegal for vehicles to be on the street after 2PM. Hotel employees all around the city were staying in vacant rooms. My typing won’t do it justice, but the wedding was postponed until the next day, The Touchdown Club, The Met Club… The whole thing was a straight up adventure.

I haven’t told many people this, but Jen and I even missed our flight to NYC. Sitting in a bar beside what Jen thought was our gate at CLT, she happened to look at our tickets and her eyes popped open and said, “Oh shi#! We’re at the wrong gate!” We grabbed our crap made a mad dash to the correct gate only to find our plane had hit the air. Feeling like idiots we finally made our way to the big city. Oh well, just goes to show you when you’re with good company and having fun, time and “stuff” can get by you.

The pic above is at The Metropolitan Club in New York, New York at the wedding reception.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! We’ve had a great year and I know the next will be even better. Our babies are getting older and more fun by the day, and I’m ecstatic to have many more adventures with you!



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