Silver & Steaks. Happy Anniversary, JSJ!

On Sunday Jennifer and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. To commemorate the date, I held an Open House on York Drive from 2-4, then showed homes to buyer clients in Hampton Crest Estates. I rushed home so Jennifer could get to Book Club by 6.

Truth is we celebrated on Saturday.

On a February afternoon in 2007 I stood at the front of Boyce Chapel at First Baptist Church, with my brother at my side, and watched Jennifer Sparks walk down a long aisle towards me. Wow.

Fast forward to this weekend. As Jennifer, Finley and I were hangin’ out watching TV, I picked up the iPad and rotated such Jennifer couldn’t see the screen. In an attempt to be clever & thoughtful, I asked The Google for “Traditional 5 year anniversary gifts.” Answer: Wood, silver, and turquoise. With haste, I set out for some cool silver.

If you haven’t already done the math, go ahead. Ooof. Oh well.

Dumb*## husband I am notwithstanding, the story ends on a good note. She loved the prize and we spent the rest of the night with our 3 year old, grilling thick Rib-eyes/New York strips drenched in a mix of Dales and Zesty Italian (My favorite). It was an awesome day!

Who knows if she’ll reads this post, but either way – Happy sixth Anniversary, Babe! Thank you for having me!

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