Happy Anniversary, Jennifer S. Jones!!!

Zero score and seven years ago a woman stepped forth, upon killer heels, a 30 something, conceived I’m not sure where and don’t care, and dedicated to the proposition of marrying a dumba**.  Ok I started with the, “Zero score and…,” thing and just went with it.  It’s late…

On Monday, Jennifer Sparks Jones and I will have been married for seven years. Whoa, what a ride. Like I tell people when they ask me about the twins, “Well, a few years ago I was going to Za’s every single Thursday night having a cocktails with a few hundred of my favorite buds and out of no where I’m a family of five.” Confuse me?

Needless to say, even though we’re still early in this stage of marriage they call ‘forever’, my wife has certainly been a life changer for me. For instance, she’s the one that suggested I enter the real estate industry.  Now, for better or for worse for her, I’m full tilt addicted to this job, and she’s the one most responsible for her then 30 something year old boyfriend entering this career.  Sure it’s a lot of odd hours (maybe that’s just because I stay up late), and weekend heavy, but I can’t thank her enough.

Real estate blah blah notwithstanding, what I’m most proud of about my wife is how awesome of a mother she is to our girls. She is super mom to our four year old (some might say overly so…haha), but the way she’s handling the twins raises my eyebrows. I know it’s only human to get frustrated, but in front of our three girls at least, Jennifer just calmly handles what needs to be done no matter what time of day or night. In the meantime, while I think I’m a pretty OK dad, many times I lean my head back, close my eyes, and grit my back teeth. Is she perfect regarding patience? No, I don’t guess so. That said, this is my little blog diddy about my wife, so I’m going with it. What I’m getting at is, the way she handles our kids impresses me every day.

That all said, let’s get back to fun anniversary talk. My wife is gorgeous, and that’s just that.  She’s ever youthful, too.  Jennifer is one of those that can say it’s her 29th birthday over and over, and many that don’t know her well enough to know better believe her. Just about everyone I know thinks she’s younger than me. Much younger, actually. #Nope.

Babe if you’re reading this… Happy Anniversary!!! Let’s do it again soon!

Just as a side note: Friends/family in attendance of our wedding seven years ago still thank us for having one of their favorite weddings ever (males, that is). Why, you may ask? The ceremony began at 3:00 PM, and we were all hitched up by about 3:08.



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