Hammock Replaces Louis’s at Pawley’s

Louis’s and The Fish Camp Now in Pawley’s Past

On our way back to the Black’s condo, I had to make my buddy pull over so I could take a picture of the new sign where “Louis’s” once was. It was expected but still sad to see. Louis’s and The Fish Camp Bar were staples in our rotation when we visit the beach.

I hope “High Hammock Maverick Seaside Kitchen” will have great food and will be as fun as Louis’s/Fish Camp was. We’ve had a lot of good times scarfing down She Crab Soup while watching “Dee’s Guys” fire everyone up in front of the gazebo at The Pawley’s Island Hammock Shops.

I’m sure it will be great and I hope we’ll frequent the new establishment. Even though it doesn’t enjoy the great views of most restaurants in nearby Murrell’s Inlet, I’m sure we’ll give High Hammock a fair shot.

When I got out of the car to explore a little, the outside venue wasn’t open yet. I’m sure it will be ready for this years beach season.


  1. We like your advetisments from the upstairs group.

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