Halloween At King’s Grant Neighborhood.

golfcartgatelifegolfcartparade3If you’ve ever heard about or read this blog about the event that is known as Halloween in King’s Grant, it’s probably true. In short, it is an absolute blast. Jennifer and I were going to the Halloween in KG before we even had kids if that tells you anything.

This year the volume was cranked up a little louder. A committee got together and led the way for the first annual “Halloween Golf Cart Parade.” A few folks have been talking about a Fourth of July Parade for a few years now, but the committee made this happen for Halloween and it was a raging success. I didn’t take the picture of the parade above, but Finley and I are about four or five cars in front of the ones in the photo. I didn’t count the carts, but to give you an idea, the line in front of us was probably three times as long as the one in the pic.

The first photo above is Ivey pulling on the family depiction of the front security gate. For context, after the flood event the wrought iron entrance gate was replaced with a candy cane looking version that goes up and down after each car passes under. Further, a few months ago the homeowners voted to have 24 hour security put in place. This new system has commanded a bit of a learning curve, which has lead to an often broken, mangled gate. Mix in the play by play banter of the neighborhood Facebook page and now we have #GateLife.

The best line of the night was when young Kennedy George said in all seriousness with eyebrows up, “Franklin, did you take the gate?”  Of course, after she looked more closely she “got it,” but it was funny at the moment and made my creative license smile a little bit.

Well done to the homeowners of King’s Grant neighborhood, and to the organizers of the new, super fun tradition. The adults had as much fun as the kids!

Thank you!!

Franklin Jones

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