Greenville=Showplace, & Getting Better

As most readers of this blog know, it’s hard for me to type about places other than Columbia, SC (perhaps because I rarely leave the city limits). After all, as a Realtor, I often feel like it’s part of the job to be the front line of recruitment and retention. That said, I have to give credit when I see it.

This weekend Jennifer, Finley and I escaped to the Upstate to subtly celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Glad we did.

As I was looking for pics to share, I couldn’t find any that do Greenville justice. With that, I thought I’d give props to a little part of what makes Greenville a happening place.

Before I do, however, let me be clear. We’re big fans of Garibaldi’s “Crispy Flounder,” and everyone in Columbia knows, any tuna dish or Ribeye Mr. Friendly’s brings out, is TOP shelf consuming: #DisclaimerNowTyped. Now, last night we enjoyed what is probably the best room service I’ve had to date. To be sure, I’m not incredibly well traveled, but you get the idea. The Lazy Goat is awesome!

This morning, the three of us strolled a few steps from our hotel, to High Cotton. Everything was, well, High Cotton… including the venue and service.

I’m proud of what the folks of Greenville, SC have accomplished. As a kid growing up in Anderson, I never in a million years (well, about 20ish) thought Greenville would become what it is today. My eyes have been opened, again.

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