Great Listings Finally Fetch Contracts

Homes Have Negotiated, Non-Contingent Contracts
No doubt, many readers will recognize the houses in the pics above. Otranto (King’s Grant), Sims Ave. (Shandon), Wheat St. (Shandon) and Stratford Rd. (Forest Hills), are all in popular neighborhoods….and three of the four are well traveled streets. I can’t type in bold enough ink, how ecstatic I am to report that they’re all either Under Contract or Closed.

Congrats to the buyers and sellers of these great houses. I don’t know who’s, ‘Making out great,’ or who’s, ‘Taking it on the chin.’ I do know, however, everyone is happy with their homes being Under Contract.

What’s next? Get the “Sale Pending/Under Contract” riders up, get these homes closed, and pile on more contracts for our listings.

This job never stops!

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