@Great Friends @Big Time @New Year!

Last night we brought in the New Year with good food, great friends, and a lot of funny hats. As you can tell, pretty much everyone took part in the hat theme. Even though the fellas aren’t in the pic above, rest assured we sported big lids too. For instance, I turned Finley’s Bumbo upside down, which oddly worked out pretty well.

As we spilled in last nights Shandon’s venue, a big time was had by all. Feeling safe and full of laughs, it’s tough not to have a big time when around fun people.

Next up? Devour as many collards and black eyed peas as I can throw down. Then, it’s Gamecock football time. After that, the “Holiday Season” will be over and it will be time to blow the hinges off of the world of real estate production.


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