Great 2009; Ready for a Monster 2010

Adrenaline is Pumping for Listing/Sales Opportunites
The end of the year can be a pretty sad time for Realtors. No matter how successful the year, December 31 is the day that all sales figures are completely wiped clean. Every sale and every volume dollar that’s we’ve worked hard for is now vanished. We start back at 0 sales and 0 volume.

We had another great year! The final figures certainly aren’t in yet but it looks like we finished with around 34 or 35 closings. We’ll take it!! In a year where many producers took a hit, we kept it going and tried to make good things happen for our clients. Keep in mind that many Realtors have less than 10 closings.

I have to admit that our pace wasn’t the same as 2008, but with Amy, Caroline and me having babies this year, we’re proud of our production.

The glaring difference between 2008 and 2009 was the sale prices of the homes. I don’t know what our “average sold” is or anything, but most folks around the industry sold many less homes that required “jumbo loans” than in years past.

I’m ecstatic about our 2009 stats but my adrenaline is up about 2010. With 30+ listings on the books, hard work and awesome referrals we’re poised and ready to absolutely crush it this year. The biggest upcoming question is whether we should add another team member to help handle the load.

Call or email if you or anyone you know is ready to sell or make a move. We’re ready take it to the next level.


  1. Yet another reason I should move back to Columbia!

  2. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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