Gov’t Recalls All of Your…Mini Blinds??

What’s Next? Hardwoods, Books…Toilet Seats?

The latest ‘Shade String’ Recall has me walking around the house wondering what else should be recalled. Perhaps the toilet seat that doesn’t rest at a solid 45 degree angle should be replaced because it could fall and bonk my baby in the head.

Millions of Americans raised their eyebrows and shook their collective heads as the news spread that 50 million sets of blinds and shades were being recalled. I don’t mean to be insensitive,…but really?

I hope this post doesn’t bite me in the tail later as I’m all about “safety first” but this seems to be a little over the top. If the blinds and shades that we’ve all lived with for decades are dangerous then I can’t imagine whats next.

If shade strings are a danger then hardwood floors must be much too hard. Everyone knows that a pointy book with 8 right angles can do some serious damage to an infants melon. Shouldn’t all coasters that stick to the bottom of sweaty cups be taken off the shelves immediately???

Again, I understand where folks are coming from where safety is concerned but if 50 million blinds and shades have to be recalled…this could get endless. Should refrigerators without locks be taken out? Perhaps all rope ever made should be destroyed immediately.

I don’t want to ramble on too long but it just seemed to me that this recall is a little much. It will be interesting to see how many Americans take their 10 year old mini-blinds down to get a credit for the more attractive 2″ variety.

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