Gov.Gives Darla Moore The Pink Slip. WUUUUT??

Can’t Help But Think There’s Something Else To This Tonight, I was sitting around thumbing through my little iTouch, when an article passed by that got my attention. After a few ‘touches,’ I read that Gov. Haley decided to remove Darla Moore from the University of South Carolina’s Board of Trustees. Borrowing from the entertaining but simple phrases of Jack McFarland, “Confuse Me!!??”

Could the article have been written by “The Onion,” perhaps? Nope. April Fools, maybe? No such luck.

Turns out, Governor Haley has indeed removed the largest contributor in school history from its Board of Trustees. Moore’s replacement is a resident of Lexington, SC. Because there are so many facets to this story, I’m gonna go the non-partisan route. That said, I haven’t found anyone from either side of the aisle, that ‘gets’ what this is all about. Here’s the first Tweet that came across my TweetDeck regarding the matter: “Dear Gov XXXXXXXx, YOU MUST BE KIDDING Darla Moore is the reason my degree matters to any1 outside of Richland Co.”

While I don’t quite endorse how the Tweet is phrased, I see what he’s getting at. Since my days in college, USC has academically excelled in two particular areas; The Honor’s College & The International School of Business. One ginormous reason our Business School is at the top of the class, is Darla Moore. Ms. Moore’s generosity and leadership, is why USC’s Business School has enjoyed such high rankings in national publications.

I’ve enjoyed politics for a while now, but can’t think of a bigger blow out (that was intentionally directed) than this. I’m no expert, but on the surface this is a lose, lose, lose. I can’t imagine Gov. Haley, USC and our state gaining anything from this decision. Giving the benefit of the doubt, however, perhaps the new board member has something special that Gov. Haley admires. We’ll see, but at present this is an unnecessary P.R. boondoggle for our governor, which effects the Palmetto State and it’s flagship university.

Putting this in perspective, it’s like Oklahoma State University telling T. Boone Pickens or the University of Oregon telling Nike’s Phil Knight, “Hey, thank’s for the bazillion dollar cabbage truck, but we know this local guy that ReeeEALLY likes talking about football.”

As mad or confused as folks may be, the most furious may be the RGA. If they’re forced to dump loads of cash into South Carolina to beat back Darla Moore money, they’ll be another loser of a dreadful decision.


  1. As an alumnus of the University of South Carolina and the Moore School of Business I am appalled at this decision. You want to stand up to billionaires, Governor? Go right ahead, but spitting in the face of those that have worked to better education in the state doesn't seem like the best place to start.

  2. Flagship university? That would be Clemson. Since Miss Darla is so interested in education, why doesn't she give the State $200M
    to make up for the “short fall” for all of the districts. That's chump change for her….I mean her husband.

  3. Flagship university? That would be Clemson. Maybe Miss Moore can give $200M to the State to make up for the “short fall” for the school districts. That's chump change for her….I mean her husband.

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