GOP Debate Was Fun Late Night TV

Bachmann Found Some Forest Among The Trees

A few days ago, some folks with not much else to do at the time, watched the Republican debate on FoxNews. I recognize that admitting I watched, may throw me into a new category of political nerd. I don’t mind.

Nerd or not, what I watched was a entertaining, enlightening, and fun. In my opinion, these candidates went “after it” with truthful, thought out answers they really believed in. In short, they laid themselves out there and were willing to let the chips fall where they may.

Do I agree with what they said? Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, and sometimes…not much. That said, it was refreshing to watch candidates actually shoot from their respective hips, instead of dance around every question with tape recorder ready rhetoric.

At this point, I don’t see her winning the nomination, but I don’t ever mind giving credit where it’s due. If nothing else, Rep. Michele Bachmann can answer a question. To be sure, she swatted off a peppering all week long. She’s obviously doing well, considering many Americans think she’s got some crazy behind her eyes. So far, however, she’s not having to defend her photos with, “I’m crazy for America,” or, “I’m possessed about America’s future.” In short, she won the straw poll, and did pretty well on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” too.

Kudos given, I feel like Rep. Bachmann should change her stump tag line of, “We… can… make…..Obama…a one…terrrm….Pres-i–diiiiint. It’s simple(minded), kinda uninspiring, boring, and a camera opportunity time sucker. To me, this is five to 10(depending on no-duh applause) seconds of dumbed down time.

Who knows what will happen in the near future. I do know, given this debate, it will be fun to watch our presidential process unfold.

Call me a nerd, or call me engaged. Either way, I’m into it!

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