Golden Chick Coming To Beltline.

Golden-Chick-Super-Bowl-SpotWhen I find out scoop about what’s going on in Columbia, SC, I sorta feel compelled to verify with the owner or landlord of the establishment before I say anything. After verification, I ask for permission to blog about the news. After all, sometimes an owner isn’t ready to announce what’s going on, and may not appreciate me diluting their big moment. Bottles, Eggs Up Grill, Alfred Williams & Co., Za’s, Scout and Molly’s, Kicks Shoes, PDQ are a few examples. I’m not completely sure about Bottles yet, but I held off for the others. Anthropologie, Duncan Donuts on Devine, and the new drive-thru Starbucks on Garner’s Ferry, I just went with it. :-O The AT&T retail outlet at Cross Hill market, I just let go..

A few months ago I sold a vacant lot whereby the seller also owned the former Wendy’s property on Forest Drive. I asked for permission to blog about the new establishment, but was asked to hold off. Well, the toothpaste was squeezed out of the tube on Facebook today so I’m good to go! I verified with tonight, just to make sure.

What’s going there you ask? Golden Chick. There ya go!!

I don’t know this for fact but must assume that market research done by restaurant brands that Columbia, SC must eat a load of chicken!!!

Franklin Jones

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