Godson Has 1st Birthday Party

To Me… Reid Denemark is Kind of a Big Deal
There are many opportunities in life that afford a person a sense of flattery, pride and humbleness. To be asked to be a godparent of another couples child is a moment that makes a person take a few steps back and take a look at a larger picture.

Happy Birthday to my godson Reid Denemark! Reid is one year old this week and is one of those magnetic kids that every person, young and old, loves to be around.

Reid is a happy fella that has the whole world in front of him. He is a happy one year old and fortunate to be surrounded by people that absolutely adore him. He greets almost everyone with wide eyes and one of the cutest smiles anyone has ever seen.

With this kid you don’t have to be a godparent to want to teach him to kick a ball or go cat fishing. He’s just that infectious.

Reid and Finley are destined to be BF’s for years to come. I’m sure he recognized how much we enjoyed his birthday party tonight. Happy Birthday, Reid!! 🙂

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