GO VOTE, COLUMBIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gergel vs. Boyer – Rickenmann vs. Runyon – Beer and Liquor on Sundays…I don’t have time to elaborate my thoughts regarding who I think should serve Columbia on City Council. After a church playoff basketball game (we won) at 8, a fantasy baseball draft from 9 – 11:30 and after getting home from driving around with a buddy that was hanging political signs around 2 a.m., I think I’m done for the night.

On Tuesday many of you get to vote for who will serve on Columbia’s City Council. If you live in Columbia’s city limits, you will vote in the “at-large” election, which has Cameron Runyon, challenging incumbent Daniel Rickenmann. If you live in Columbia’s District 3, you get to decide between Brian Boyer and Belinda Gergel. Both races have candidates that are really going for it.

You will also be asked if you think that Columbia should allow beer/liquor sales on Sunday. This subject may carry the day, as it may lure more pushed buttons or more “chad hangers” than the council races.

Either way, GO VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Forge Ahead says

    Please remember to VOTE tomorrow (TUESDAY, April 1st) for Daniel Rickenmann in the Columbia City Council race!

    He has served this City well for the past 4 years as an at-large member of city council. If you live in the city limits, you can vote for Daniel.

    Please also join Daniel and family afterwards at Mo Mo’s Bistro (Daniel’s restaurant) on Devine Street from 6:30 until.

    Turnout will be the key to this election so every vote counts. Please take 15 minutes to go to your precinct and VOTE and make a difference!

    Please forward this to your friends and family who live in Columbia and keep it going until 7PM Tuesday.

  2. Anonymous says

    Vote Rickenmann!!


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