Go Get Blanket Foot, Please.

It’s 2:03 AM and I think I’ve finally got these two babies to go get “blanket foot.”

Nora (the one with the Band-Aid on her head) came downstairs first. Of course, while Nora was in my arms, Ivey snuck into our room and laid on the floor to sleep next to Jennnifer. I got her out of our room and now here we are about 15 minutes ago.

They’ve both slept through the night pretty well for the last year or two so I’m not sure what this is all about. Nevertheless, it’s become tonight’s blog post.

What’s what:

  1. Nora likes to wear a Band-Aid on her forehead. There’s nothing wrong. It’s just stuck to her damn head and that’s it.
  2. “Blanket foot” is a term one of them made up very early that came about when one or both of their feet were exposed by not being under a sheet or blanket. In our house if you hear the term, “Go get blanket foot,” or “It’s time for blanket foot,” it means, “Go to bed” to the rest of the world.
  3. Their older sister has slept like a teenager almost her whole life. If she didn’t have to go to school, she would sleep until 9-11:30AM, and frequently does on Saturdays.

Big picture I took in the moment and enjoyed holding and squeezing my sweet daughters while they did the same to their daddy.

These are important (and awesome) times.

Night night!

Franklin Jones

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